The Story

Never judge a woman by her day job . . .

When newly-minted PI Jennifer Morgan is assigned an apparently simple case of a missing person, she has no idea what she is getting herself into. But after international assassins place her in their crosshairs, Jennifer suspects the involvement of cutthroat Chinese corporate spies. She is in over her head and has to think fast.

As her relationship with NYPD Detective James Harris, her handsome fiancé, is facing an uncertain future, Jennifer realizes she needs to tell him the whole truth about her fear of intimacy. Will James still want her, once he knows all about her fears and imperfections? Once it dawns on Jennifer that his investigation of a technology theft case ties into her missing person case, she understands that her imperfections are the least of their problems. If Jennifer and James cannot solve their cases soon, the assassins might get them both.

THE SECRET CAUSE is the third gripping suspense novel in the spine-tingling Jennifer Morgan series.


“The Secret Cause by E. Jones is another great suspense thriller with the PI Jennifer Morgan and her Detective boyfriend. There is good international intrigue, mysteries, great plot, wonderful characters, and a touch of romance. Great combo of each. This is the third book in the series but can be read as a stand-alone, the author catches the reader up quickly and smoothly to the characters and then you are off for a great reading ride! Never a bad book read with this author’s books, always action, adventure, and full of twists.”

“Jennifer has it coming at her every which way – romance, intrigue, intimacy, suspense, all rolled into one.”


Get lost in the fantastic fast-paced world of Jennifer Morgan, a series of power, scandals, betrayal, and love. Scroll up, click on the book cover, and enjoy The Secret Cause now.