EthanJones_TheSecretAffair_800pxThe first in the Jennifer Morgan Suspense Thriller Series.

An enthralling suspense novel filled with backstabbing, danger, and intrigue. 

The Story

You can play a deadly game for only so long . . .

The economic downturn has business partners Jennifer and Amber struggling to keep their NYC-based advertising firm afloat. Desperate to survive the corporate, dog-eat-dog world, they sign a shady business deal with highly successful Blackwood Advertising.

A deadly love triangle ensues when Jennifer–having been in her own fledgling relationship with an NYPD officer–finds herself in the throes of CEO William Blackwood’s dark yet irresistible charms. But Amber had already fallen hard for him, and her friendship and partnership with Jennifer begins to crumble. How far must a determined Jennifer go to be with the man she loves while keeping her friendship and her company from being destroyed?


“A gripping thriller, I kept turning page after page to find out how Jennifer and Amber were going to save their business from the man plotting to destroy them.”

“I found it a gripping suspenseful read and incredibly hard to put down. I absolutely loved it!”

“A wonderfully well-written book full of mystery and suspense. A great read for curling up and getting lost in on a weekend or day off. I say getting lost in because you can’t put it down it draws you in and you find yourself saying just one more page or chapter. Twist and turns and danger that the main character finds herself in are so well written you’ll love it all!”


Secrets Revealed

The Jennifer Morgan series is set in New York City, and here are Top 3 things you may not know about NYC:

1. Whispering Gallery: Grand Central Terminal. It’s outside the Oyster Bar entrance, and it’s a small vaulted area, with an unusual characteristic. If you stand in one corner you can hear the lowest whisper of a person in the opposite corner, regardless of the crowd’s noise around you. One of the places you’d never see Jenn whispering secrets . . .12. 1,600 silver bars. In 1903, a barge carrying silver bars capsized in the Arthur Kill, the harbor between Staten Island and New Jersey. About 1,600 haven’t been found and are still underwater somewhere. They’re worth close to $26 million today. As a private investigator, perhaps Jenn should take a closer look at this possible treasure hunt . . .23. Chill in a hammock while looking at the view of Lady Liberty. After a long PI assignment, Jenn can relax in a hammock while enjoying great views of the Statue of Liberty from the Governors Island. And so could you on your next visit to NYC!3

Get lost in the fantastic fast-paced world of Jennifer Morgan, a series of power, scandals, betrayal, and love. Scroll up, click on the book cover, and enjoy your new adventure with Jennifer now.