Arctic Wargame – 2.0.  

Arctic is coming out July 10 with pre-orders available July 3.  The first book in the series has been updated and is even better than the original.  Check it out now between July 3-23 for only .99 cents as a thank you to the fans who have made the Justin Hall series such a huge success!

A couple of things you may not know about Arctic Wargame:


  1. Over 100,000 readers have enjoyed a copy of this spy thriller and hundreds of readers have left glowing reviews on all online bookstores.
  2. All proceeds from Arctic Wargame sales have gone and will continue to go to support an orphanage in Zambia, Africa, where my wife and son worked for a while. So your support helps babies, like this one in the picture, smile, eat, enjoy life and have a loving home…


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Covert Assassin is the latest Justin Hall spy thriller and it promises to deliver relentless action and suspense.  The next must-read in the series.

Covert Assassin is out today!  Click on the book cover to enjoy it now.

The Story

CIS deadliest spy, Justin Hall, is sent to find a rogue British operative suspected of treason. The mission escalates when Justin discovers a brilliant assassination plot against Russia’s president, which forces him to ally with Chinese foreign security tracking their own missing agent.

Justin and his dubious Chinese partner uncover a chilling connection between the two wanted operatives. Now with no time to look back, and lives at stake, Justin is in a relentless race across the globe to stop Her Majesty, the Kremlin, and the People’s Republic from an all-out war.

Covert Assassin’s fast-paced plot twists, relentless action, and cleverly crafted characters will leave you breathless. Enjoy the hottest thriller of the season, loaded with espionage intrigue, suspense, and action. If you like Silva, Baldacci, Child, Clancy, DeMille, Follett, Patterson, Ludlum, Bell, Thor or Flynn, you’ll love Jones’s latest spy thriller.

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