EthanJones_Diplomat_1400The Story

Justin Hall is in Lagos, Nigeria, to handle the exchange a Canadian diplomat who has been taken hostage for ransom by local rebels. The dangerous exchange goes sideways, and Justin wonders if he can trust his team.

He turns to an old asset, a woman working for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. With her help and after the arrival of Carrie O’Connor, Justin’s partner in the Canadian Intelligence Service, they discover the unexpected truth about the diplomat’s kidnapping.

With time running out and no one else to turn to, Justin and Carrie are thrust into a game of shadows as they devise a clever plan to turn the tables on the kidnappers.


“His writing style is fast-paced, descriptive, multidimensional and intriguing.”

“If you are a fan of the late Vince Flynn, you’ll love Ethan Jones and Justin Hall. I’ve read all of his books and am hooked – wanting him to write faster.”


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