The Corrector, the explosive first book in the new spy thriller series by Ethan is out now!

The Story

When covert operations go wrong, the CIS sends in . . . The Corrector.

With a botched recognizance mission, Javin Pierce is sent in to pull off the job that others couldn’t accomplish. But before getting started, Javin and his less-than-trusted partner, Claudia, must deal with a treasonist, and relentless terrorist plots, as they attempt to retrieve a flash drive that contains scandals that would topple world governments and descend Europe into absolute chaos.

How will the Corrector fix the disastrous mission? Uncertain if they can even trust each other and unprepared for the shocking truth that could cost their lives, Javin and Claudia must stop a devious plot, retrieve the elusive drive, and save themselves and the entire European continent all without leaving a trace…

The Corrector is the first in the brand-new adrenaline-drenched Javin Pierce spy thriller series. It is a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat adventure that propels Jones’s status as the next spymaster author. Enjoy The Corrector as Javin embarks on this explosive mission, and be part of the new series that will ignite the globe!


“I really enjoyed and loved the storyline and all the action, the traitor within the group and the ending was brilliant! The story flow was so excellent and just kept you turning the pages.”

“The Corrector by Ethan Jones is a riveting spy action thriller that includes all the requisite components. James Bond…Jason Bourne…move over because Javin Pierce has been activated!”

“Fast-paced action from Istanbul to Syria for the duo of correctors from the Canadian Intelligence Service, Javin and Claudia, who find themselves in the midst of gun battles and treachery as they try to retrieve a politically explosive flash drive.

Thoroughly enjoyed these new characters and series from the talented pen of Ethan Jones. I made a definite tactical error in opening this seconds after midnight when it appeared in my kindle library – impossible to close it and go to sleep once I’d started to read it, it’s adrenaline-laced from beginning to end.”



Secrets Revealed

The opening scene of The Corrector takes place at Military Base #9341 in Vorë, 17 km northwest of Tirana, Albania’s capital. I was allowed inside access to that base and received a personal tour while in Albania (including a Russian tank ride). A very special thank you to all the men and women working there.

Top 3 things to do in Albania (if you can’t visit a military base)?

I’ve done the first 2 of the 3, and they offer a fantastic experience. Check them out if you’re ever in that part of Europe.

  1. Hike Mountain Dajti east of Tirana. The mountain rises to 1,613 m or 5,292 feet. The surrounding area is a national park with forests and great hiking trails. You can see canyons and caves, waterfalls and an ancient castle. Here are two pictures of one my hikes. I loved the different, ever-changing terrain.


  2. Visit the Durres Amphitheatre (which dates from the Roman times) and the Archeological Museum nearby. It’s an amazing way to relive the ancient history, imagine the plays shown and the people enjoying them. The Illyrian King Epidamnos founded the city, and the port was the starting point of the ancient “Via Egnatia” connecting the Adriatic Coast to Istanbul, Turkey. The amphitheater is mesmerizing with its size and views and lets you get lost in history.3
  3. Relax at the Dhermi Beach, one of the longest beaches on the Albanian Riviera. It’s on the Ionian Sea (so a pebble beach), and away from most tourist crowds. You can stay in the main area and share the beach with a few people, or walk a mile or two and have the entire sea and coast to yourself.

A stay-up-all-night spy thriller with twists and turns, military black ops, and terrorist subterfuge, all wrapped up and ready to explode.

Get ready for The Corrector and enjoy now!