This edge-of-your-seat action and adventure with terrorist subterfuge and clandestine special operations will keep you begging for more.

The Story

After a clandestine Canadian Intelligence Service operations team is ambushed in Syria, James McClain, offers Justin Hall, the CIS’s best field operative, a next-to-impossible mission in exchange for his return to the agency. And Carrie O’Connor, Justin’s trusted partner, volunteers for this mission, willing to do everything to bring home the former love of her life.

After fighting alongside Kurdish Peshmergas in violence-ridden badlands of Syria and Iraq, Justin finds himself a target of Mossad. He had made a deal with the fierce Israeli intelligence agency, and they have finally tracked him down, forcing him to carry out an assignment on their behalf.

As Justin and Carrie begin to prepare for both operations, they have to rely on less than trustworthy allies, including smugglers and an Iranian nuclear scientist. After a dramatic turn of events in Tehran, Iran’s capital, Justin and Carrie find themselves in perhaps the worst firefight of their lives. They have to make their way not only out of Iran but also out of the quagmire of lies and deception that is threatening to swallow them for good. And if they can escape the lion’s den, they still have to face the man responsible for the CIS operations team ambush.


“This time out with Justin and Carrie was nonstop from the beginning to the end! A terrific, well written suspenseful thriller you won’t want to miss!”

“This author has come a long way in a very short time. He takes Justin and Carrie to higher levels in each book.
I believe that he is in the same level as Vince Flynn (miss him), Brad Thor, James Rollins, Steve Berry and Andy McDermott.
The Central Connection is full of many turns and twists as Justin finds his revenge.”

“Good writing and excellent pacing made this book a real page-turner for me. The battle, shootouts and fight scenes move the story along briskly. Great characters and interesting locations.”

“These stories are so action-packed, suspense-filled, complex plots, very developed characters, and so well written I feel I am over there in the middle of it and I get nervous reading it! Tell me Mr. Jones, how do you know so much about these areas and cultures?”


Get lost in the fast-paced, tension-filled world of Justin Hall. Scroll up, click on the book cover, and enjoy your new adventure now.