Agents Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor must track down a rogue asset with potential ties to ISIS. Can they reclaim lost intelligence before a devastating terrorist plot is cranked into motion?


The Story

What if your asset was working with terrorists?

When an asset working for the Europe Clandestine Service disappears in Vienna, he takes a cache of secrets with him. ECS agents Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor need to find the asset, to learn the truth about his connection to an ISIS-affiliated network.

Forced to work with the secretive Russian SVR, Justin and Carrie must search for their asset across Europe, while trying to unravel a web of half-truths and ominous connections. As they uncover a pivotal piece of intelligence, will it be too late to stop a terror plot that will plunge the continent into chaos?


“A very nice book indeed. Having been in Europe as The Defence Attaché at that time as indicated in the story, I was hard put to wonder if some of the incidents were not actuals because they did really happen. Bravo Ethan.”

“Ethan Jones really knows how to create and develop his characters and storyline. All of his books are “can’t put it down” quality!”

“Fast-paced with plenty of action, double-crosses, explosions, and revenge”

“This book is one of the most detailed stories I’ve read in a long time. No, this is not a bad thing because every word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter follows as it would in any great book, especially in this genre.”

“I wish there were 100 books in this Justin Hall series!! Great books, writing, storytelling with twists and turns galore!! Buy this book!!”


“Justin and Carrie are back and they’re taking Europe by storm. A mile-a-minute thriller, this book will keep you guessing with every page you turn.”


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