Target Acquired is the latest Justin Hall spy thriller and it promises to deliver relentless action and suspense.  The next must-read in the series.

The Story

When you wake up drenched in sweat only to realize the nightmare is real…

How far would you go to save the one you love?

Spymaster Justin Hall is on a sanctioned assassination operation in Tunisia when his partner is captured by terrorists. With only a few hours to get her back alive, Justin frantically begins working with a CIA operative and attempts to activate a precarious old contact. Distraught and determined, Justin will go to any lengths to save her. Will he make it in time to save the one he loves?

Target Acquired is an adrenaline-fueled spy thriller with emotionally-charged characters, electrifying action, and fast-paced spycraft. It is the fourteenth novel in this best-selling series with thousands of five-star reviews and hundreds of thousands of sales and downloads. Each book is a self-contained story without cliffhangers and can be enjoyed on its own.

If you want never-ending suspense and action, with intricate plots, and captivating characters, The Justin Hall Series is for you.  Start the adrenaline rush now.


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“A great story. I’d want Justin on my side if I were kidnapped.”

“What a book the feeling and descriptors that were used to do the storyline is nothing but awesome.”

“The Justin Hall series is just flat fantastic!! Even though we’re following the same characters, this is not cookie-cutter writing by any means. The storyline is well-developed and flows smoothly, through many twists and lots of action that keeps you turning the page, instead of turning in for the night. The ending has a surprising twist that’s the cherry on top of the sundae! I highly recommend this book, as well as the entire series.”


Secrets Revealed


1) The spur for one of the plots of Target Acquired came from the news, one of the sons of Gaddafi—the dictator that ruled Libya for over 40 years—was planning to run for the Libyan presidential elections in 2018.

A large part of the story takes place in Tunisia, Libya’s neighboring country, the place where some officials from Gaddafi’s regime went into hiding. Tunisia also provided the perfect location for Justin and his team to cross into Libya if they needed to follow their target. The image below shows Sousse, a port city in Tunisia on the eastern coast. Medina-of-Sousse-Tunisia

2) Why is Tunisia perfect for crossing into Libya? The border is quite porous and plagued by widespread contraband and smuggling trade. There are reports of skirmishes along the border and instability. The perfect environment for a team of Canadian operatives to get in and out of the two countries unnoticed.

In Target Acquired, Justin grows and develops as a character. He’s put in a couple of new situations, one of them catastrophic. Justin begins working with a CIA operative; someone he loves is kidnapped by terrorists, and Justin gets a glimmer of mortality which might bring about some crucial changes to his life and career.

This thriller has it all: Can Justin pull a daring rescue, not let things get personal, and somehow keep his sanity and the one he cares about safe?Tunisian-forces-919x516

3) Tunisia is a liberal country, compared to other Middle East and North Africa Muslim countries. Why then is it producing so many terrorists? Tunisia has only 11 million people, but 7,000 Tunisians joined ISIS fighters, more than Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which have a combined population of over 112 million people.

The reasons include the fact that the 2011 revolution that toppled the dictatorship and the democratic institutions that followed actually gave jihadists greater freedoms to organize, travel, and share information. The unemployment rate is high, over 30% for young people, which also promotes a feeling of hopelessness also propels the youth into jihad.

4) SpiesAnother interesting tidbit of information is that Sliema, Malta, is really a town teeming with spies, including from Gadafi’s former regime in Libya, to ex-ISIS fighters escaping Syria, to CIA operatives. They are using the small island as a springboard to other countries’ hot zones. Malta is only two hundred miles away from the Tunisian coastline, a few hours by powerful speedboats. The Libyan and Tunisian porous borders and inefficient coast guard make possible such infiltration and exfiltration.

Why does this matter? – when you read Target Acquired, you’ll understand why.

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