EthanJones_RogueAgents_1400The Story

After a nuclear incident in Pakistan, two agents of the Canadian Intelligence Service disappear during a covert operation in South Korea. They end up in a prison camp in North Korea, where they are being tortured so they can reveal top-secret intelligence.

Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor, CIS best field operatives, who have just returned from a terrorist-hunting mission in Syria, are ordered to infiltrate the most hostile nation in the world. Their objective is like nothing they have faced before: assassinate the two captured agents, one of whom is a good friend of Justin.

Justin and Carrie consider their allegiances and the consequences of their operation, as they join forces with a North Korean defector and two MI6 agents familiar with the treacherous terrain of the Communist country. Then they come upon new intelligence that complicates their almost impossible mission. It is now a race against time to reach the captured agents before it is too late.


“…can Justin bring everyone home or will this be the mission that ends it all? Be prepared for yet another suspense-filled mission as Justin tries to get to the truth.”

“A tightly woven plot, with Justin and Carrie at the helm. A smashing thriller”


“Captivating. . . .”


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