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The Corrector, Betrayal, and Closure.

The fast-paced, intriguing Javin Pierce Series…

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The Series

When covert operations go wrong, the CIS sends in . . . The Corrector.

Javin Pierce comes in when no one else can.  With his calm, well-thought manner he is able to pull off jobs where others have failed.  Javin is always two steps ahead, which is essential. Because not only is he sent into hair-raising missions that take him to Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and beyond. He has to cut through complicated webs of deception and clean up the disastrous attempts left by others all without trying to leave a trace…

A stay-up-all-night spy thriller series with twists and turns, military black ops, and terrorist subterfuge, all wrapped up and ready to explode.


“I really enjoyed and loved the storyline and all the action, the traitor within the group and the ending was brilliant! The story flow was so excellent and just kept you turning the pages.”
“Ethan’s books are fast-paced, thrilling, secretive and much more. If you haven’t read Ethan’s books you need to start and this book would be a good place to start.”


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Javin Pierce Spy Thriller Series