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International bestselling author E. Jones brings you


enthralling suspense thrillers filled with backstabbing, danger, and intrigue.
Fans will enjoy this explosive series of power, scandals, and love.

Jennifer is the full package: a lot of determination, but also doubts, trying to make it in the cut-throat New York advertising business and looking for love. The Jennifer Morgan series is dripping with explosive stories of power, scandals, betrayal, and, of course, love.


Ethan Jones’ new series with a female heroine is a nice departure for him. This series is suspenseful and quick-paced with some romance thrown in to round it out. The main character, Jennifer, is an interesting mix of strength, confidence, insecurity, and quirkiness. Jones has humanized her in a way that should make her appealing to a great variety of readers. If you like mysteries, romance, thrillers, detective or PI books or suspense novels in general, give (this series) a try–there’s something in it for everyone. . .


*You can enjoy these romantic suspense thrillers in any order you like, but for the most entertaining experience, please start with the first one.

Go on a Date Night now with Jennifer for free…

Best-selling international author E. Jones has a gift for you:

Date Night – A Jennifer Morgan Story

In Date Night, Private Investigator Jenn and her beau, James, are enjoying a night out in the city. However, Jenn notices something in the restaurant. . . Can Jenn ever just have a quiet evening?Date Night 1000 x