Jennifer Morgan Romantic Suspense Series

You can enjoy these romantic suspense thrillers in any order you like, but for the most entertaining experience, please start with the first one.


EthanJones_TheSecretAffair_800pxYou can play a deadly game for only so long . . .

The economic downturn has business partners Jennifer and Amber struggling to keep their NYC-based advertising firm afloat. Desperate to survive the corporate, dog-eat-dog world, they sign a shady business deal with highly successful Blackwood Advertising.

A deadly love triangle ensues when Jennifer–having been in her own fledgling relationship with an NYPD officer–finds herself in the throes of CEO William Blackwood’s dark yet irresistible charms. But Amber had already fallen hard for him, and her friendship and partnership with Jennifer begins to crumble. How far must a determined Jennifer go to be with the man she loves while keeping her friendship and her company from being destroyed?

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ethanjones_thesecretblush_800pxThe past has a way of catching up to you . . .

Jennifer thought she had left her recent messy affair behind her. She is trying to rebuild her life and start her New York City private investigator career when a shooting at her favorite coffeehouse almost kills her and brings back bitter memories of the past.

Her NYPD officer beau unofficially beings to investigate the shooting, while Jenn immerses herself in an intriguing PI case of sexual harassment. Soon she discovers that nothing is as it seems and feels she is being set up. Jenn’s best friend and business partner is sinking into a scandal that may crush their small struggling firm, and an ugly jealousy fight between Jenn and the man she loves threatens to end into an unfixable breakup. What will Jenn have to do now to overcome the past, save her own life, her love relationship, and her company?

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ethanjones_thesecretcause_800pxIt is better to be worried than dead . . .

When newly-minted PI Jennifer Morgan is assigned an apparently simple case of a missing person, she has no idea what she is getting herself into. But after international assassins place her in their crosshairs, Jennifer suspects the involvement of cutthroat Chinese corporate spies. She is in over her head and has to think fast.

As her relationship with NYPD Detective James Harris, her handsome fiancé, is facing an uncertain future, Jennifer realizes she needs to tell him the whole truth about her fear of intimacy. Will James still want her, once he knows all about her fears and imperfections? Once it dawns on Jennifer that his investigation of a technology theft case ties into her missing person case, she understands that her imperfections are the least of their problems. If Jennifer and James cannot solve their cases soon, the assassins might get them both.

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