A high-octane thriller, with terrorist subterfuge and superbly-crafted plots all wrapped up and ready to explode!

The Story

Do you partner with a terrorist to stop other terrorists? And can you keep the Homeland safe while doing so?

After a hair-raising mission deep inside ISIS-ruled northern Iraq, Justin Hall, the CIS’s best field operative, discovers this time terrorists’ have his homeland in their sights. They are determined to deal a deadly blow to a large hockey arena and cause massive casualties.

Justin and his partner, Carrie O’Connor, are dispatched to dismantle the terrorist plot in what will turn to be their deadliest assignment. As they untangle an international web of lies and deceits, stretching from Canada to Russia to Saudi Arabia, they discover that their allies and enemies are not who they seem. And when they infiltrate the heartland of lawless Yemen, Justin and Carrie are plunged into a death-defying operation to find the truth and save their homeland.


“Strong characters. Up-to-date scenarios. Tightly woven storyline. Recommend this and other books of this series to those interested in special operations and international spy thrillers!”


“Ethan Jones writes great action.”

–ANDREW KAPLAN, author of the bestselling Scorpion spy thriller series

Get lost in the fast-paced, tension-filled world of Justin Hall. Scroll up, click on the book cover, and enjoy your new adventure now.