The Story

When an Iranian nuclear scientist wants to defect, Canadian Intelligence Service sends in its best agent, Justin Hall. After his mission is compromised and Justin barely escapes northern Iran with his life, he sets out to discover who has put him and the Service in grave danger.

CIA information about a traitor in the Service sends Justin into violence-soaked Somalia, where he quickly becomes ensnared in a web of lies and deceit. He’s left with no choice but to go rogue and form an alliance with Romanov, a sinister Russian oil baron.

Cut off from the Service, Justin is forced to navigate through ever-shifting alliances and survive deep inside a Yemeni terrorist stronghold. All the while, he’s being hunted by a traitor.


“I’ve enjoyed all the Justin Hall thrillers, but I have to say, they just keep getting better.”

–MARC CAMERON, author of the bestselling Jericho Quinn spy thriller series

“It read authentic, real and compelling . . . a story that was both hardboiled yet believable.”

–ANDREW KAPLAN, author of the bestselling Scorpion spy thriller series

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