In which order should readers enjoy any of the series?

Readers agree that to enjoy the richest experience, the best way is to start at the beginning of each series, and to follow through. Most books build on one another, following plotlines of what has happened before. But if you come in a little later, that’s okay. Just like some of your friends, you didn’t know them all from birth and yet you can catch up and easily fill in any blanks. In each series, you can catch up on what has happened by going back to the beginning.

Where are Ethan’s books available?

You can find Ethan’s books at the following retailers, just click on the image.

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Who is Ethan Jones?

Ethan JonesEthan Shooting Amazon PhotoIMG_7492.JPG

Ethan is an avid writer, lawyer by trade, Christian, a family man with a loving wife and son, researcher, traveler, and hiking enthusiast.  When he is not in front of his computer, he is outdoors, going to an event, hanging out with family, or plotting his next book.

I realize the characters are made up but when you mention foreign places and refer to events are some/all of these made up?

Ethan travels where and when he can, especially military bases, countries, and areas to research his next book. He does meticulous research to ensure accurate details about foreign locations, agencies, and operations. Of course, a lot of specifics are veiled by secrecy, considering that these are intelligence agencies, but he tries to find out as much as he can, whatever is available or has been leaked to the media. For the rest, he uses creative license to come up with locations, hotels, safehouses, and so on.

How much of what you write is fiction and how much is based on real events and locations?

Everything written is fiction, but some of the storylines are based on real events, although either dramatized for suspense or changed so that they can fit the genre. For example, in the Justin series, The Cyprus Coverup, a major plotline is a Qatari prince channeling weapons to fuel the wars in Iraq and Syria. While this character is entirely fictional, the truth is that there have been many reports that weapons flow from Persian Gulf states and other Middle East countries to these never-ending wars. What’s worse is that a lot of these modern weapons are made in America or other Western countries.

Does Ethan read his fan email?

Ethan is always happy to hear from readers and tries his very best to reply to each and every message he receives personally.

Do you scour current headlines for plot ideas?

Definitely. As they say, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. There are many stories that make the headlines, which one could have never imagined. Some of the non-American media are especially useful to bring a more global perspective on current political events.

How can I keep up-to-date on Ethan’s books releases, reviews, and other news?

Go to the Connect or Exclusives Tab at the top of the page and join Ethan’s Exclusives.  Not only will you get Ethan’s exclusive news full of deals, insider secrets and more; you’ll also get The Backpack for free.

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When you write your books, do you visit the intelligent services headquarters? Like the DGSE, CIA, MI6, CIS, and the Kremlin?

As much as Ethan would love to, most service headquarters are off limits to civilians, especially the curious types like thriller writers. However, there are times when television crews are allowed special access inside these agencies, and those are the best ways to learn specifics about what’s going on behind these walls. Other times, former employees of these agencies give interviews. Those are excellent resources in becoming familiar with the structures and the operational ways of intelligence services.