EthanJones_EntryPoint_HRThe Story

Why would a Taliban commander ask for you by name?

Carrie O’Connor survived Afghanistan twice before and swore she would never go back.

But at the request of a high-level Taliban commander, the Europe Clandestine Service is sending her back to investigate a suicide attack that targeted a remote, provincial police station.

Reluctantly, Carrie agrees to the mission and soon after arriving, uncovers a widening conspiracy involving the Taliban, the CIA, and the Russians: a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the President of the United States. Unsure of who to trust, she must rely on her years of training. Is the president the terrorists’ target? Or is that a diversion for something more sinister?

Entry Point is the heart-pounding spy thriller that will electrify your days, with well-crafted characters, captivating story lines, and pulse-pounding plots.


“As always, the well written events and dialog, combined with fascinating characters, create a vivid, fast paced story you’ll find hard to put down and wanting more! Another big win for Ethan Jones! Don’t wait, join the fans and followers of Carrie and her clandestine team — you won’t regret it!”

“The character development is very well done, the action is tense and believable, and the ending leaves an opening for an exciting next episode. It is very clear that Ethan Jones has hit his stride in this series and we can all expect even greater things from his creative ability!”


“Entry Point is a fast paced, action packed spy thriller that had me roped in from the first page and full of suspense, drama and an excellent storyline, strong characters and unexpected twists.”


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