EthanJones_DoubleAgents_1400The Story

The CIA learns that a powerful Chechen terrorist group is plotting a major attack on US soil just as the same group assassinates Russia’s Minister of Defense in Moscow. The CIA and the FSB, Russia’s internal security service, deeply distrust each other, crippling any CIA efforts to unravel this plot.

Justin Hall and his partner, Carrie O’Conner—two of the Canadian Intelligence Service best operatives—are dispatched to Moscow to secure the FSB’s intelligence, which will allow them to discover the plotters. But an FSB spy and a CIA double agent are dead set against this mission.

Justin and Carrie find themselves on the run on treacherous Moscow grounds and are forced to form a shifty alliance with rogue operatives. As loyalties change in the blink of an eye, Justin and Carrie hunt down Chechen militants in their stronghold in Dagestan, to uncover the truth, and to stop the terrorist attack in the US.


“An action thriller of epic proportions!!”

“Double agents is a fast-moving international thriller that pits Justin and Carrie against some nasty Russians and some even nastier Muslim terrorists…Promise that you won’t be able to put it down!”

“Jones has crafted another action-packed black ops storyline filled with betrayal, political intrigue and unusual partnerships.”

‘“Just as they rounded a corner, two RPGs screamed over their heads. One pounded a small car parked in front of a one-story house and exploded into a million fiery fragments. The other zipped through the street and blew up as it came into contact with a wooden electricity pole” This short paragraph is the best example I can find to sum up this book. The book hits you with the power and force of the RPG and is not adverse to traveling in two directions at the same time.”

“If you love an action-packed thriller with an excellent plot, great characters, and fast-paced dialogue, then Double Agents is a must read for you. I found this book impossible to put down…”

Get lost in the fast-paced, adrenaline-drenched mission of Justin Hall. Scroll up, click on the book cover, and enjoy your new adventure now.