EthanJones_Closure_HRClosure, the intense action-packed third book in the new spy thriller series by Ethan.

The Story

Covert operative Javin Pierce will avenge his betrayal or die trying . . .

Off the grid, Javin Pierce is struggling to heal from his wounds. Immediately he’s forced into a shaky deal with former enemies not only to secure his partner’s release from a Saudi jail but also to settle the score with the traitor who double-crossed them.

While his new rogue team crosses Iraq’s treacherous lands, he can barely stay ahead of the deadly threats coming from all sides. As Javin sets his sights, alliances around him crumble. So with no one left to trust, in an ever-changing maze, how will Javin survive the deadliest mission of his life?

With a plot ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Closure, the third book in the all-too-real Javin Pierce international espionage thriller series, confirms Jones’s status alongside Flynn, Clancy, and Dawson. If you like novels that are loaded with action and suspense, barreling at neck-break speed, with well-crafted characters, and ingenious plots, you are guaranteed to love Closure.


“It has intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, escape, retribution – everything you could want.”

“Like the rest of the series, it grabs you by the seat of your pants and does not let go until the last page.”

“I have read all of Ethan’s books. This Javin Pierce #3 is one of his best.”


Secrets Revealed

Javin’s operation in Closure starts as a survival mission, as he’s inserted deep into Iraq, attempting to find unconventional allies. He meets with Iranian special forces occupying a large swath of land, but how long will this alliance last? And how will Claudia escape her fate in Saudi Arabia?

My research led me to some interesting tidbits, and I thought I’d share a few … Now we know that no one is planning holidays to Iraq. However, while in Baghdad, Javin stops at a bakery (even tough operatives can have a sweet tooth). He buys a large box of mann al-sama or manna from heaven, perhaps Iraq’s most famous dessert. These are rich chewy sweets that are prepared by boiling and milling the sap fallen from trees growing in Northern Iraq, then mixed with nuts and flavored with cardamom.

As you will see in the book, something happens that doesn’t allow Javin to enjoy this manna from heaven … I wish I had some right now …

Manna from heaven

Before one of the fight scenes in Geneva, while trying to stay awake at midnight, Javin and Claudia are enjoying vanilla cappuccinos. Cappuccino means the “little hood” in Italian, and it probably looked like this …


Enjoying desserts and coffee is not all Javin does in Closure. He gets to fire an M4A1 rifle. As you may know, that’s the favorite weapon of the US Navy SEALs. If it’s good enough for the SEALs, it’s good enough for Javin …

FN M4A1 Rotators 2-1800x750

Now scroll up and get lost in the fast-paced intriguing world of Javin Pierce and enjoy Closure now.