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Start a dangerous adventure with Carrie O’Connor, one of the best operatives of the Canadian Intelligence Service now by clicking on one of the books to learn more or to purchase.

The Series

Join Carrie, a covert operative who thinks every morning should start with international espionage, military special ops, and subverting terrorist plots. 

Carrie O’Connor is running solo missions and hunting terrorist masterminds in all corners of the worlds. She never backs down from a fight, no matter the odds against her. Prepared, calculated and ready for action, join Carrie as she protects the world from the evil within it.

This bestselling series has action-packed adventures with powerful page-turners and intriguing plots that will keep you reading through the night.

The next must-read series by Ethan Jones!

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This introduction to Canadian black operator, Carrie O’Connor, is a spin-off from the Justin Hall series that sets a new standard with a strong and brilliant woman. She has a keen sense of right and wrong and is in a perfect job because she is not one to be burdened by the bureaucrats and the rulebooks.

Fast-paced, full of action and full of surprises. Well written and well thought out.


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