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Aarctic-wargameRCTIC WARGAME is the book that kicked off the Justin Hall spy thriller series.

The Story

Canadian Intelligence Service Agent Justin Hall—combat-hardened in operations throughout Northern Africa—has been demoted after a botched mission in Libya.

When two foreign icebreakers appear in Canadian Arctic waters, Justin volunteers for the reconnaissance mission, eager to return to the field. His team discovers a foreign weapons cache deep in the Arctic, but they are not aware that a spy has infiltrated the Department of National Defense.

The team begins to unravel a treasonous plan against Canada, but they fall under attack from one of their own. Disarmed and stripped of their survival gear, they are stranded in a remote location. Now the team must survive the deadly Arctic not only to save themselves but their country.


“ARCTIC WARGAME puts unique characters in an unusual place, which is becoming more important to the entire world. There’s a lot of action in a very cold, but very important part of the world.”

— Larry Bond, author of New York Times bestselling thrillers Vortex, Cauldron, and The Enemy Within, and co-author of Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy.

“Loved the book and would like to read the next one.”

— D. P. Lyle, MD, author of the Samantha Cody thriller series and the Dub Walker thriller series.

“Laden with action, compelling figures, and intriguing settings, this is a great read.”

— David Freed, author of Flat Spin and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

“Always looking for new series, and this one is a great intro to Canadian Special Forces man, Justin Hall. … Smooth with dialogue and paints a vivid picture, with great pace.”

— Adrian Magson, author of the bestselling Harry Tate spy thriller series.

Secrets Revealed

  1. Over 100,000 readers have enjoyed a copy of this spy thriller and hundreds of readers have left glowing reviews on all online bookstores.
  2. All proceeds from Arctic Wargame sales have gone and will continue to go to support an orphanage in Zambia, Africa, where my wife and son worked for a while. So your support helps babies, like this one in the picture, smile, eat, enjoy life and have a loving home…


3. Most of the story in Arctic Wargame takes place in the Canadian Arctic, which has a size of 1.424 million km² and covers about 39 percent of Canada but is very scarcely populated, with only about 120,000 people out of nearly 35 million Canadians.Aurora-at-Blachford-Lake-Lodge02-by-Martina-Gebrovska

The Canadian Arctic is perhaps the best place on the earth to see the northern lights like the ones in the picture below. I’ve visited Yellowknife, and that’s one of the best destinations for this experience. A lot of wildlife can also be enjoyed in the Arctic, including polar bears, walruses, caribou, moose, beluga whales, foxes, and wolves).



4. The Arctic has drawn a lot of attention because of its riches. It is estimated to have as much as $35 trillion worth of untapped oil and natural gas (or between 1/5 to 1/4 of the world’s unused resources), along with many kinds of minerals, like gold, silver, diamonds, copper, titanium, and uranium. In fact, a few years ago, one of my friends used to work up in Diavik, one of the diamond mines near the Arctic Circle.


Russia’s interest in the Arctic is clear in the words of its President, Mr. Putin, who recently noted the need for military and security agencies to “implement their plans to protect national interests, our defense capability, and protection of our interests in the Arctic.”



5. A Seahawk helicopter plays the main role in one of the battles in Arctic Wargame, and thankfully, it is Carrie in the cockpit’s pilot seat. Seahawks can be equipped with AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface missiles (Carrie gets to fire two of them) and a wide range of other weapons. In short, it is a perfect combat helicopter.MH-60R Seahawk and Hellfire - small

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