Have you pre-ordered The Belgian Bagman?

The Belgian Bagman, the newest Justin Hall spy thriller, is ready for pre-order on Amazon (and all other online book retailers). Please grab your copy now. If you do so, you’ll enjoy the low price of USD $3.99 (or the equivalent in your country’s money), as well as this exclusive bonus content:

1. An alternate ending – so you can decide which ending is better;
2. A deleted chapter – which explains what happened to one of the book’s characters;
3. A Behind the Scenes Look at the Book – how it happened that I wrote The Belgian Bagman; and
4. The first two chapters of my next spy thriller – which one will it be: Justin or Carrie thriller?

The price will go up on soon, and the bonus content will disappear. Please don’t miss out. Get your copy of The Belgian Bagman now by clicking on the link or the book cover below:


If you can’t buy this book, please share this post, so your friends can check out The Belgian Bagman.


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