The Secret Cause is out today

THE SECRET CAUSE (Jennifer Morgan romantic suspense novel – Book 3) is out today on Amazon. Please enjoy your copy at a special price of only $2.99 for the next three days from this link: Here’s the blurb:

Never judge a woman by her day job . . .

ethanjones_thesecretcause_800pxIn THE SECRET CAUSE, when newly-minted PI Jennifer Morgan is assigned an apparently simple case of a missing person, she has no idea what she is getting herself in. But after international assassins place her in their crosshairs, Jennifer suspects the involvement of cut-throat Chinese corporate spies.

As her relationship with NYPD Detective James Harris, her handsome fiancé, is facing an uncertain future, Jennifer realizes she needs to tell him the whole truth about her intimacy fears. But will James accept Jennifer with all her fears and imperfections? And how does his investigation of a case of technology theft ties into Jennifer’s missing person case? What will Jennifer and James have to do to save their relationship and their lives?

Here’s the link again to enjoy this new electrifying story of espionage, passion, and love: If you’re not sure this thriller is for you, please check out this 60-page exclusive excerpt by clicking on this link. The special price of $2.99 is for the next three days.


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