Changes to my blog

I’ve enjoyed working on my blog since January 1, 2012. I’ve interviewed over 100 authors and reviewed many books. In 2015, I added 101 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 523 posts. And I’ve had thousands of visitors, from 106 countries in all, stretching from Argentina and Australia to Sweden and South Africa. It’s been a lot of fun during these four years, but it has also taken a lot of my time.

In 2016, I’m planning a few changes to my blog. I will be refocusing my attention and spending most of my time and energies on writing books. I’m running three series—Justin Hall, Carrie Chronicles and Jennifer Morgan—and I would like to release at least a book a year on all three of these series. While I will still share other writers’ advice, I will be moving away from author interviews and book reviews. I will use this blog to share news of my works, updates on releases, information on promotions and deals.

Happy New Year 2016!



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