Beta Readers Wanted for HOMELAND

Many of you know that HOMELAND, the newest and seventh spy thriller in the Justin Hall series, is coming out in late July or early August.

However, you can start reading and enjoying this novel earlier than the general public by becoming a beta reader. Starting in May, I will send you the HOMELAND chapters every week or ten days as I finish them. You will let me know your thoughts about the pace of the plot, the overall feel of the story, characters development, their actions and behavior, how you find the dialogue, in short anything you think will make the story better.

If this is something you may be interested in, please drop me a note at my personal e-mail account, Thanks in advance.


One thought on “Beta Readers Wanted for HOMELAND

  1. Sanjoy Choudhuri says:

    Dear Sirs/Mme, I have directly confirmed to Mr Ethan Jones my positive acceptance to be a Beta reader. I await the chapters to complete my task with pleasure always. Regards Sanjoy Choudhuri


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