Weekly Intelligence Briefing

We enjoyed a wonderful week with lots of sun and very nice temperatures. March continues to be excellent to us, thank God. I hope the weather has been nice to your part of the globe.

EthanJones_TheSecretAffair_800pxThe special preview of THE SECRET AFFAIR is available for free on Kobo at this link and on Smashwords at this link. Amazon is refusing to price-match its version to free. I hope they will do it soon.

My beta readers have made some excellent comments about the story, and I’ve incorporated many of their points. The story is quite solid and intriguing, but then I am very biased 🙂 If everything goes according to plan, THE SECRET AFFAIR will be released in early April, right after Easter. The scheduled release date is Tuesday, April 7.

If you have enjoyed these special preview chapters, please consider leaving a review on your favorite retailer.  Reviews and word of mouth are extremely important so that new readers can find out about the quality and the content of my works. A short one-line or two-line review can work wonders in turning a reluctant reader into a loyal fan.

On the spy thriller front, work is moving ahead quite well on HOMELAND, the new and seventh novel in the Justin Hall series. I’ve finished chapter one, and the storyline has moved from eastern Kenya to northern Yemen, where terrorists are plotting their revenge against Justin’s homeland. But what are their wicked plans, and will Justin find out about them? Lord willing, HOMELAND will be released in late July or early August of this summer.

This week, the book I want to bring to your attention is ROGUE AGENTS, the fifth novel in the Justin Hall series.Rogue Agents

In ROGUE AGENTS, after a nuclear incident in Pakistan, two agents of the Canadian Intelligence Service disappear during a covert operation in South Korea. They end up in a prison camp in North Korea, where they are being tortured so they can reveal top secret intelligence.

Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor, CIS best field operatives, who have just returned from a terrorist-hunting mission in Syria, are ordered to infiltrate the most hostile nation in the world. Their objective is like nothing they have faced before: assassinate the two captured agents, one of whom is a good friend of Justin.

Justin and Carrie consider their allegiances and the consequences of their operation, as they join forces with a North Korean defector and two MI6 agents familiar with the treacherous terrain of the Communist country. Then they come upon new intelligence that complicates their almost impossible mission. It is now a race against time to reach the captured agents before it is too late.

Why don’t you give ROGUE AGENTS a try today or recommend it to a friend?

I’m off to work on HOMELAND, but please make sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for all your excellent support and encouragement. I have a job I love because of you.




One thought on “Weekly Intelligence Briefing

  1. Sanjoy Choudhuri says:

    Dear Ethan, Thank you for the update, here we had snow Saturday through till today. But great fun. Best Regards Sanjoy


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