The Secret Soldier by Alex Berenson

The Secret Soldier by Alex BerensonJohn Wells is tracking an American traitor hiding in Jamaica, when a series of suicide bombings rock the Arabian Peninsula and the House of Saud.  Abdullah, the Saudi King, seeks the services of Wells to help his son become the next king.  Otherwise, if the King’s archenemy within his own family were to take the throne, the jihadis may get what they want.

The storyline and the plot move faster on several tracks, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Nice, France, to Langley, Virginia, US.  Wells prepares for his assignment, with the unofficial help of the CIA.  As they put together the clues about the scheme to bring down the House of Saud, Wells and his brother-in-arms Brett Gaffan discover a training camp and evidence that points to the most likely suspects.

Mr. Berenson’s writing is smart and succinct.  The story takes a sharp turn after an ambush and the kidnapping of a senior American official in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Abandoned by King Abdullah and the CIA, Wells and Gaffin are still determined to complete their mission.  In a mad dash against time, they infiltrate Saudi Arabia, looking for an address, flying under the radars of the mukhabarat.

Will Wells find the American official alive?  Will he find him all in one piece?  How will the showdown for the power over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia end?


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