Weekly Intelligence Briefing

The snow is melting and the temperature is hovering in the forties Fahrenheit. March has been very good to us so far, thank God.

EthanJones_TheSecretAffair_800pxTHE SECRET AFFAIR is now finished, and my beta readers are now hard at work providing me their feedback on what needs to be improved, added or changed, so the story is at the best possible shape. The first six chapters have been send as a special preview to my loyal readers (you know who you are :-), and they will soon be available for download from Amazon as well.

Here’s the blurb of THE SECRET AFFAIR. What do you think? Does it make your want to check out the book?

Jennifer Morgan and best friend Amber’s struggling New York ad agency is drowning in red ink. Despite their doubts, they sign a business deal with William Blackwood, CEO of prestigious Blackwood Advertising. Jennifer sees a darker side of Blackwood, but Amber has already fallen hard for the handsome and charismatic man.

James Harris, a rookie NYPD cop, has finally connected with his neighbor Jennifer and asked her out. She’s everything he’d hoped and more, but just when she needs him, he’s sent on a training course, an important career step for his goal of becoming a detective.

When Jennifer discovers something wrong with their contract, she begins to suspect Blackwood’s intentions are even darker than his name. With James out of town and Amber not speaking to her, Jennifer is determined to find the truth by herself. How far will she go to keep her friend, her love, and her company from being destroyed?

If romantic suspense is not your cup of tea, then do not despair. I have started to work on the next (and seventh) novel in the Justin Hall spy thriller series. Its title is HOMELAND, and I hope to release it sometime in late July or early August.

So far in HOMELAND, Justin is in eastern Kenya hunting al-Shabaab terrorists as he is trying to uncover a devious terrorist plot to attack Canada, his homeland. The agents have engaged the extremist fighters, and now it’s time to escape . . .

EthanJones_DoubleAgents_1400This week, I would like to bring to your attention DOUBLE AGENTS, the forth novel in the Justin Hall series.

In DOUBLE AGENTS, the CIA learns that a powerful Chechen terrorist group is plotting a major attack on US soil just as the same group assassinates Russia’s Minister of Defense in Moscow. The CIA and the FSB, Russia’s internal security service, deeply distrust each other, crippling any CIA efforts to unravel this plot.

Justin Hall and his partner, Carrie O’Conner—two of the Canadian Intelligence Service best operatives—are dispatched to Moscow to secure the FSB’s intelligence, which will allow them to discover the plotters. But an FSB spy and a CIA double agent are dead set against this mission.

Justin and Carrie find themselves on the run on treacherous Moscow grounds and are forced to form a shifty alliance with rogue operatives. As loyalties change in the blink of an eye, Justin and Carrie hunt down Chechen militants in their stronghold in Dagestan, to uncover the truth, and to stop the terrorist attack in the US.

This cutting-edge thriller is the hottest page-turner of the winter. Fans of David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor will love this tensely plotted novel.

Why don’t you give DOUBLE AGENTS a try today or recommend it to a friend?

I’m off to work on HOMELAND, but please make sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for all of your wonderful support. I have a job I love because of you.




One thought on “Weekly Intelligence Briefing

  1. Sanjoy Choudhuri says:

    Dear Ethan, I enjoyed reading ” Double Agents ” months ago and was really captivated by the very realistic plot. It does happen having come across similar situations myself in my career. I will await ” Homeland” very eagerly. Best Regards SemperFi Sanjoy


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