Weekly Intelligence Briefing

I hope spring is around the corner where you live. We were blessed with a warm February, but it’s still mid-winter here in Canada.

EthanJones_TheSecretAffair_800pxI’m almost finished with THE SECRET AFFAIR, my first romantic suspense and the first novel in the Jennifer Morgan series. This week I’m going to work on the epilogue and then edit and revise the manuscript. A few of my beta readers have already helped me with important suggestions and ideas on how to enhance the story.

I think THE SECRET AFFAIR is a story that balances romance and suspense. There is plenty of gunplay, backstabbing, and, of course, love. In THE SECRET AFFAIR, Jennifer and her partner, Amber—who own an advertising agency—begin to work for Blackwood Advertising, a large and powerful corporation, in one of their ad campaigns. Jennifer soon finds out that the intentions of Blackwood Advertising CEO—William—fall outside the realm of business, and that something doesn’t add up in his actions. Amber, on the other hand, has already fallen for William, and her feelings cloud her judgment. But what is truly going on within Blackwood Advertising and what could be the consequences of William’s tricks on Jennifer and Amber?

I hope many of my loyal readers will find this new work enjoyable and recommendable to their friends. The first six chapters (or about 50 pages) of THE SECRET AFFAIR will be available around March 7, and I will send them by e-mail to the readers who have expressed an interest in them. If you haven’t, this is the time to do so, if you want to enjoy these special preview chapters before the general public. Just drop me a note at author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. In this way, you can decide if this romantic suspense novel is for you.

This week, I want to bring to your attention FOG OF WAR, the third book in the Justin Hall series.EthanJones_FogOfWar_1400

When an Iranian nuclear scientist wants to defect, Justin is sent inside Iran to extract him. However, Justin’s mission is compromised and he barely escapes Iran with his life. Of course, now he sets out to discover who has put him and his agency in grave danger.

Why don’t you give FOG OF WAR a try today or recommend it to a friend?

And if you’ve read all the books in the Justin Hall series, then it’s time to make the jump to PRIORITY TARGET, the first novella in the Carrie Chronicles series.

EthanJones_PriorityTarget_800In PRIORITY TARGET, Carrie O’Connor is assigned the mission to confirm the elimination of a priority target hit during a drone attack in southern Somalia. Soon enough, Carrie finds herself a target in what appears to be a massive cover-up. Determined to find out who wants her dead, she begins to cut through a complex web of lies and deceit, even if it means going to war with the CIA.

If you like Brad Thor, David Baldacci, and Vince Flynn, you’re going to love PRIORITY TARGET, an action-packed adventure and a powerful page-turner that will keep you reading through the night. Why not try this novella today? You can get it from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Today, I also started working on the next (and seventh) novel in the Justin Hall series. It’s title is HOMELAND, and I hope to release it sometime this July or August.

Make sure you’ve read all books in the Justin Hall series in order, so that you’ll be in the know about all his operations before your read HOMELAND.

Have you written a review about one of my books, or have you told a friend about them?

Reviews and word of mouth are extremely important so that new readers can give my books a try. How often have you picked up a book from a new author because you read a great review or a friend told you how awesome it was.

If you have enjoyed any of my books, please take a moment today to write a review on Amazon or your favorite book retailer. Even a short one-line or two lines review is very helpful and greatly appreciated. And share this newsletter or the news about my books on your social media, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever you have an Internet presence.

At the end, I’d like to thank you for your continuous and fantastic support. I love getting your feedback through e-mails or Facebook or Twitter. And you can always write me at my personal e-mail account, author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I promise to answer every one of you.




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