The Escape by David Baldacci

The EscapeThe Escape is another masterpiece by America’s favorite thriller author.

The book opens up with a very unusual prison escape and murder. It is told to us, rather than shown, a fact that may have turned off some readers if this was any other author. But this is David Baldacci, and we know things will get much, much better very soon. And they do.

We are introduced to the main character, John Puller, the brother of the escapee, in Chapter Two. John is about to arrest a man he was been tracking for some time, and that arrest ends up in a duel. Then John learns about his brother, who was convicted of treason, and he’s quickly dragged in to unofficially investigate his escape.

Mr. Baldacci gives the reader an enthralling novel. It has a neck-breaking speed, snappy dialogue and engaging characters. We see both sides of the story, from the viewpoint of John and his brother, Robert. The twists and the turns keep the novel very interesting. Most readers will find it impossible to put this book down and will want to read it all in one sitting.

The more John investigates, the more he finds out things do not add up and his brother is now in more danger than ever before. John is determined to discover the truth and find out what really happened to his brother and his conviction. But how and what will he need to do?


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