ARCTIC WARGAME is 99 cents

EthanJones_ArcticWargame_800ARCTIC WARGAME, the first book in the Justin Hall series, is 99 cents until the end of January.

Here are the links to major book retailers:

Barnes & Noble

Please share this on your social media or even better, pick up a copy of ARCTIC WARGAME for yourself or your dear ones who love spy thrillers.


One thought on “ARCTIC WARGAME is 99 cents

  1. mdsuriel says:

    Hello Ethan; Just wanted to tell that I just finished reading the final book of the Justin Hall Series and really enjoyed them. I just ordered the first Carrie O’connor book and can’t wait to start reading it.. So when is the next Justin Hall book coming out? looking forward to it.. Also I think it’s time that Justin and Carrie got back together as they are better for each other than their current love interest. I think your next Justin Hall book should include them hooking up again and not just being partners in the field but also partners in life..
    Thanks for taking my mind to far away and dangerous places..
    I really enjoy your books..


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