The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

The Burning RoomThe Burning Room is a fantastic thriller.

Detective Harry Bosch is partnered with a rookie detective, Lucia Soto, as they investigate the death of a man wounded in a shooting ten years ago. Bosch and Soto have only the bullet, but they start gathering clues to solve this cold case. To make matters worse, there are some unexpected political complications related to this case.

Mr. Connelly is the master of his craft, and he weaves very enjoyable stories. The book is captivating, written in simple and effective language, with the right amount of action vis-à-vis descriptions or telling versus showing. Most readers will be able to follow along easily and enjoy the ride with Bosch and Soto.

As the investigation becomes more complicated, it takes Bosch and Soto into another unsolved case. But how are the two cases connected? Who doesn’t want the two detectives to discover the truth? And how will they get to the bottom of this story?


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