Sand and Fire by Tom Young

Sand and FireSand and Fire is a tough-as-nails military thriller.

It starts with a bang—literally and figuratively—as an explosion tears apart Route One nightclub just outside Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily, Italy. Gunnery Sergeant A. E. Blount tries to help the wounded, but the explosion has filled the club with sarin nerve gas, and Blount is not able to save his old platoon commander, Lieutenant Kelley. And all this happens before the end of chapter one.

Mr. Young’s style is gritty and straightforward. He paints realistic pictures of intense scenes and remote locals, plunging the reader right into the center of the action, to see, hear, and feel everything, like the story’s characters. And the many twists and turns of the storyline and the plot make for a very interesting read.

Blount is called to hunt down the terrorists responsible for the attack against the nightclub. But his team falls into an ambush, and Blount is taken as a prisoner in the deadly deserts of Libya. How will Blount save himself and the rest of his men? And what will it take for him to get out of this ordeal alive?


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