Act of War by Brad Thor

Act of WarAct of War is a great spy thriller.

The prologue takes us to Hong Kong, where the CIA learns about a top secret Chinese operation, called “Snow Dragon.” Then the story moves to the White House Situation Room, where the main plot of the book is revealed to the reader: China is planning a major attack against the United States—an attack that will have a projected 90 percent fatality rate within one year—and has hired an al-Qaeda fixer to do the dirty work in order to cover their involved. And the Chinese are also training one of the special detachments in North Korea.

Mr. Thor is a master of his craft. He moves the story forward with the right balance of action, thrill and suspense. The language is clear and smooth, the descriptions vivid and the dialogue snappy. The readers is led on a wild ride from the North Korean coast to Karachi, Pakistan, to Beijing, China and to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Act of War has an interesting cast of characters: Scot Harvath—the greatest terrorist hunter and killer of the United States of America—a gay Saudi terrorist mastermind, a disturbed and dejected Chinese operative, and much more.

Harvath is dispatched to Karachi to nab one of the al-Qaeda Saudi associates linked to the Chinese plot. But what is China’s goal? Why have they dispatched a team of Saudi engineers to the US working on a NASA-sponsored project? And what will Harvath have to do to stop the “Snow Dragon”?


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