Weekly Intelligence Briefing – SHADOW AGENTS is Finished!

We had our coldest days of this winter season last week, when Friday the temperature dipped to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. We also got over two feet of snow. But now it’s warmer and it is expected to get even better over the weekend.

EthanJones_ShadowAgents_800SHADOW AGENTS is now finished! It’s been a great ride, and I hope the readers will have fun and enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. SHADOW AGENTS is already available from Smashwords from this link. It will soon be available on other major book retailers.

Those of you who pre-ordered SHADOW AGENTS through Amazon will be receiving it on December 7, the new release date. And today and tomorrow, I will be sending a copy of the book to all those loyal readers who have posted a review of the special preview.

This week, I hit the 20,000 word point on my new work in progress, PRIORITY TARGET. This is a novella, Book 1 in CARRIE CHRONICLES, in a new series I’m launching on December 23. I should have a free sample of this novella (the first three chapters or about 30 pages) ready sometime next week.EthanJones_PriorityTarget_800

If you would like to read and enjoy this novella before it the general public, drop me a note at my e-mail account: author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I’ll add you to my list of loyal readers. Then, if you can post a review on Amazon before the novella is released, I will send you the final retail copy of PRIORITY TARGET free of charge.

Joining my Fans Mailing List is the best way to keep up to date on my books, new releases, special deals and more. It will take you less than a minute to join. Just go to this link and enter your e-mail address. That’s it.

At the end, THANK YOU for buying my books, writing reviews about them and telling your friends. And if you’d like to contact me, you can always drop me a note at my personal e-mail account, author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I promise to answer every one of you.


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