Weekly Intelligence Briefing

Winter is here to stay and has come with about a foot of snow and temperatures that dropped down to almost -15 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to buy a new pair of gloves to withstand these extreme weather.

EthanJones_ShadowAgents_800The last couple of weeks have been very busy. I finished writing SHADOW AGENTS and went through the comments of my beta readers. The novel is now in the proofreading/editing stage, and things are on schedule for the release on December 16.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the special preview of SHADOW AGENTS directly from Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords. The preview contains the first five chapters (65 pages) of the novel. If you read it and post a review about it between now and December 15, 2014, I will send you a final retail copy of SHADOW AGENTS free of charge, as a token of appreciation for your support.

You can also pre-order SHADOW AGENTS from this link. Pre-orders are important for ranking, which means more readers will see my book. And you’ll also save some money, as the novel is released at a special price, much lower than the retail price on the release day. And the book will be delivered to your Kindle automatically if you do a pre-order now.

Work is going well with PRIORITY TARGET, Book 1 in CARRIE CHRONICLES, a new series I’m launching on December 23. I’ve written about 9,000 words so far, and the EthanJones_PriorityTarget_800story will probably be around 20,000 words to 25,000 words. If you would like to read and enjoy this novella before the general public, drop me a note at my e-mail account: author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I’ll add you to the list of readers to receive the first three chapters of this special preview in early December. Then, if you can post a review on Amazon before the novella is released, I will send you the final retail copy of PRIORITY TARGET free of charge.

Joining my Fans Mailing List is the best way to keep up to date on my books, new releases, special deals and more. It will take you less than a minute to join. Just go to this link and enter your e-mail address. That’s it.

EthanJones_DoubleAgents_1400I’m planning a big promotion for DOUBLE AGENTS, the fourth thriller in the Justin Hall series, this week. The novel is 99 cents on all retailers. Pick up a copy for yourself or a friend. If you have already enjoyed it, please post a review on Amazon and/or other book retailers to help with the rating and the ranking. You wonderful help is greatly appreciated.

At the end, THANK YOU for buying my books, writing reviews about them and telling your friends. And if you’d like to contact me, you can always drop me a note at my personal e-mail account, author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I promise to answer every one of you.


One thought on “Weekly Intelligence Briefing

  1. BETTY GREENE says:


    Where do you live? I grew up in the Smokey Mtns. I wanted to move back to Cherokee upon retirement but am a bit too broken to rough it again. I love all the TV shows out based in Alaska and relive my youth through them.

    Wherever you are just know I am jealous and given your fabulous books the weather must agree with you.

    Keep them coming!

    Betty Greene Sent from my NOOK


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