The Lost Key by Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison

THE LOST KEYThe Lost Key is an intriguing international thriller.

The prologue takes the reader to England in 1917 and we learn of the sinking of a U-boat, which carried Germany’s Kaiser’s gold and a formidable weapon. Fast forward to chapter one in present day New York and the first day of Agent Nicholas Drummond with the FBI. Along with his partner, Mike Caine, they begin to investigate a stabbing death on Wall Street, a case is everything but usual.

Ms. Coulter and Ms. Ellison had weaved an excellent story. Most famous writers grow lazy and dull as they climb the ranks of their career and their books become bestsellers even before their release date. That is not the case with this novel. The dialogue is engaging, the plot well-thought and executed, the twists and turns as shocking as unexpected. Nicholas and Mike are characters that will remain with the reader long after they have enjoyed this book.

As the FBI agents investigate, they realize they have a very bizarre case in their hands. The man stabbed to death, Mr. Jonathan Pierce, died while muttering: The key is in the lock. At the same time, in Berlin, Germany, an army of scientists and analysts realizes something is seriously wrong with their operation in New York. An operation involving Agent X and Z, advanced technology, and micro-nuclear weapons.

What will it take for Nicholas and Mike to uncover the truth? Who is Dr. Manfred Havelock and what does he truly want? And does it mean that the key is in the lock?


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