Weekly Intelligence Briefing

Winter is just around the corner and our days have gotten cooler and shorter, with darkness blanketing the land at around 7:00 p.m. But my Schnauzer puppy truly enjoys this time of year and demands we go out for more and longer walks. How long until winter comes to you part of the world?

EthanJones_ShadowAgents_800I spent the most part of last week working on SHADOW AGENTS. I passed the 70,000 words mark and I’m now focusing on the last few scenes. It’s time to figure out how to resolve all plots and make sure everything is wrapped up to the complete satisfaction of the story and of the readers.

Do you know that you can pre-order SHADOW AGENTS? Many readers have done so and now it’s your turn. Go ahead and pre-order it today from this link. Pre-ordering means more readers will be able to see my book, as it will climb through Amazon’s ranks. So you’ll be giving me a great support by this gesture. And you’ll enjoy a discounted price for pre-ordering and the book will be delivered to your Kindle upon the release day.

Time is running out to sign up and enjoy a special preview of the first five chapters (65 pages) of SHADOW AGENTS. Starting in November, I will be sending this preview to my most loyal readers. If you’re interested in checking it out, please drop me a note at author.ethan.jones@gmail.com to indicate your interest in receiving a copy of these chapters, if you are able to read them and post a review about them on Amazon between November 15 and December 15, 2014. As a token of my appreciation, after you post a review, you’ll receive a final retail copy of SHADOW AGENTS free of charge.

If you are on my Fans Mailing List, last week you enjoyed the first glimpse at the cover of PRIORITY TARGET, which is a novella and Book 1 in CARRIE CHRONICLES, a new series I’m launching in December. If you haven’t joined my Fans Mailing List, you’re missing out on a lot of exclusive news about my books and my writing, like this cover reveal, advance readers copies and more. Go to this link to join my Fans Mailing List now.

As with SHADOW AGENTS, my loyal readers will have the opportunity to read this novella before it is released to the general public. Simply drop me a note to indicate your interest, and I will add you to the list of readers to receive the first three chapters of this special preview in early December. Then, if you can post a review on Amazon before the novella is released, I will send you the final retail copy of PRIORITY TARGET free of charge. My e-mail is: author.ethan.jones@gmail.com.

EthanJones_FogOfWar_1400How many of you have enjoyed FOG OF WAR, the third thriller in tEthanJones_DoubleAgents_1400he Justin Hall series? How many of you have posted a review about it? Reviews are extremely important as they inform potential readers about my style of writing and the quality of the book. So please take a few minutes today to post a review and let people know of your thoughts. And then you can continue with the fourth thriller, DOUBLE AGENTS.

At the end, THANK YOU for buying my books, writing reviews about them and telling your friends. And if you’d like to contact me, you can always drop me a note at my personal e-mail account, author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I promise to answer every one of you.


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