Weekly Intelligence Briefing

I hope the month of October has come with blessings and warm weather. We have enjoyed some sunny days and it looks like those will continue throughout the week.

I added another 4,000 words to SHADOW AGENTS last week. Now I’m on Chapter 20 as Justin and Carrie are crafting a crazy strategy to get to the truth. I’d love to give more details, but that would spoil the surprise of reading and enjoying the book.

EthanJones_ShadowAgents_800If you haven’t pre-order SHADOW AGENTS yet, please do so today from this link. Take advantage of the discounted price and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll receive the book the day it is released, December 16. Your pre-order is very important to increase visibility of the book before comes out, and I truly appreciate your support.

As a loyal reader (you know who you are), you’ll be able to enjoy a special preview of the first five chapters (65 pages) of SHADOW AGENTS starting in November. If you’re interested in this sneak peek at the newest Justin Hall spy thriller, please drop me a note at author.ethan.jones@gmail.com to indicate your interest in receiving a copy of these chapters, if you are able to read them and post a review about them on Amazon between November 1 and December 15, 2014. As a token of my appreciation, after you post a review, you’ll receive a final retail copy of SHADOW AGENTS free of charge.

I announced last week some exciting news of starting to work on a new series with Carrie O’Connor as the main character. The series will open up with a short novella, the first in the Carrie’s Chronicles series. I already have the outline, and the title of this novella with be PRIORITY TARGET. I might refer to Justin Hall in Carrie’s novella or have him make a cameo appearance, but the story will be told from Carrie’s point of view. I might even write it in first person. We’ll see. But she’ll be on a solo mission in Somalia. Or maybe Yemen. I haven’t really decided yet. Some place the US has drone-bombed recently.

If everything goes well, Lord willing, I’ll release this novella right before Christmas, on December 23. A Christmas present to all my readers.

As with SHADOW AGENTS, my loyal readers will have the opportunity to read this novella before it is released to the general public. Simply drop me a note to indicate your interest, and I will add you to the list of readers to receive the first three chapters of this special preview in early December. Then, if you can post a review on Amazon before the novella is released, I will send you the final retail copy of PRIORITY TARGET free of charge. My e-mail is: author.ethan.jones@gmail.com.

I will start a new series, but that does not mean I will stop my current series. I’m planning to write at least one more book in 2015 in the Justin Hall series. And this series will continue in 2016 and beyond.

EJones_ArcticWargame_800ARCTIC WARGAME is the first spy thriller that kicked off the Justin Hall series. Pick it up today for yourself or a friend. Then, you can continue the adventure with TRIPOLI’S TARGET, the second thriller in the series.EthanJones_TripolisTarget_Amazon_1400

If you have already enjoyed them, why not let the world know about your opinion? Please share what you think about them on your social media or post a review on Amazon or other book retailers. The more reviews a book has, the greater the likelihood of new readers willing to give it a try. And your help and your support are priceless.

If you’re not on my Fans Mailing List, you’re missing out of a lot of exclusive news about my books and my writing, advance readers copies and more. Go to this link to join my Fans Mailing List now.

At the end, THANK YOU for buying my books, writing reviews about them and telling your friends. And if you’d like to chat, you can always drop me a note at my personal e-mail account, author.ethan.jones@gmail.com. I promise to answer every one of you.


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