My Interview with Catherine Coulter

THE LOST KEYPlease enjoy my interview with Catherine Coulter, author of the excellent thriller THE LOST KEY that come out today.

1.   What did you enjoy the most when writing THE LOST KEY?

Actually, the greatest surprise and pleasure was before beginning the writing. Let me preface this by saying that neither J.T. nor I outline, that is, we’re “pantsers”, not “plotsters”. But we sat across from each other and plotted from Chapter 1 to Chapter 50 (Day One in the book). When she came back so we could continue work on THE LOST KEY, we plotted Day Two, from Chapter 50 through Chapter 96 — to THE END. It was amazing. We actually pulled it off. We used fully 80% of what we plotted together, and in the final drafts we came up with extraordinary ideas to polish it off. What could be better than that?

2.   How does your cooperation with J.T. Ellison work?

Very well, thank you. Okay, okay. We’re both professionals; we’re both smart and creative, we’re both disciplined, that is we work every day, we’re both Type A — this is good since if it weren’t true, one of us would have shot the other. I’ve got to tell you, together we’re unbeatable. I think I’m the luckiest writer alive to have found her. Plus now I have a lifelong friend.

3.   What is your greatest satisfaction or your greatest disappointment as a writer?

Forget this disappointment stuff. My greatest satisfaction? That Dillon Savich whispered in my ear after THE COVE, “Hey, Catherine, what about me?” And the FBI series was born. And readers love the series, now in its 18th thriller, what’s not to satisfy?

4.   What is your next book going to be about?

My next FBI thriller, out next summer — 2015 — and is titled NEMESIS — an unusual title for me, but it fits this book. The Nemesis of both arch-enemies in both mysteries isn’t Savich, it’s Sherlock. I won’t tell you what she does, but she kicks this book off with a bang, and the stakes keep getting higher and higher. I loved writing this book. Now we’ll wait to see what readers think when it comes out next year.


2 thoughts on “My Interview with Catherine Coulter

  1. Vickie Baldwin (Hannah's Granny) says:

    Love Catherine to pieces! Now liking JT also. They work extremely well as co authors. Looking forward to getting my book soon I hope from Barnes and noble. My sister is visiting from S.C. And is reading final cut now!


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