Hard Return by J. Carson Black

Hard Return (J. Carson Black)Hard Return is an intriguing thriller.

The story starts right and we meet the main character in the first chapter. He’s known as Joe Till to Barbara Carey, but Joe is Cyril Landry, a former Navy SEAL living off the grid. He keeps an eye on his teenage daughter Kristal, but from far away, to protect her and the rest of his family. Then things go sideways in Chapter 3, when a gunman wielding his M-16 assault rifle goes on a rampage at Kristal’s school. But the gunman was calm and methodical. Not the average school shooter, Cyril thinks and he decides to take the matters into this own hands. He drops the shooter with a sniper shot. The police lockdown the area, but Cyril is a professional and knows how to handle himself.

Ms. Black’s style is smooth and precise. She gives the reader clear pictures of how to story is moving forward, without boring them or delving into unnecessary details. The dialogue is great, the twists and turns numerous and unexpected, the action is excellent and plenty.

As Barbara suspects Joe is not who she thought he was, Cyril starts his own investigation on the shooting, especially since the media seemed to have been ordered to stay away from this case. But what will Cyril find? Who was the shooter? And what will it take for Cyril to find the truth?

I can’t wait for this fantastic thriller to come out as a movie.


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