Sabotage by Matt Cook

SabotageSabotage is a good debut thriller.

Its prologue takes us to a Siberian prison camp as a hardened criminal named Ragnar breaks out in a daring helicopter escape. The story then slowly introduces us to the main characters, Austin Hardy, a doctoral candidate studying at Stanford University, and Malcolm Clare, a university professor at the same university. Professor Clare disappears shortly after offering Hardy a job in a secret project that provides assistance to the US military. Now, it’s up to Hardy, and Victoria, Professor Clare’s daughter, to find the truth about what happened to the professor.

Mr. Cook had done a good job with the story, especially the first part. There are a few places where the pace slows down and the storyline gets bogged down with too many details that some readers may skip. Many chapters introduce new characters and it gets to be quite hard to keep track of all plots and subplots and to tell what’s important and what’s not. But the overall thrill and excitement continues throughout the pages, with endless twists and turns.

What happened to Professor Clare? What is waiting for Hardy and Victoria as they reach Saint Petersburg? And what is going on aboard the cruise liner The Pearl Enchantress as they experience a power shortage?


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