Ark Storm by Linda Davies

Ark StormArk Storm is a great thriller.

The prologue starts with an intriguing question: What if one man could control the weather? A conversation is taking place between the Iranian ayatollah and someone else claiming he could control the weather. Someone very dangerous who is promising to wage jihad in California by giving it the most catastrophic storm it has ever seen, the Ark Storm. The storyline then moves to Dr. Gwen Boudain, a meteorologists whose weather sensors in Peru are off the charts, recording something really strange. On the other hand, unusual activities are going on in Wall Street.

Ms. Davies style is smooth and enjoyable. The storyline flows well and it is easy to follow, without getting bogged down by scientific lingo or hard-to-grasp concepts. There are many thrills and twists and any reader would be satisfied by the plot and the subplots, character development and dialogue.

As Gwen continues her research she learns that a mega-Nino is brewing up, with the potential of creating an Ark Storm. But who is behind the storm? What are their devious plans and who’s plotting to benefit from this calamity?


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