Once Dead by Richard Phillips

OnceDeadCoverWebOnce Dead is a fantastic science fiction thriller.

The powerful prologue opens with a death match, a grim scene that grabs the reader by the throat. It’s a foretaste of the mastery of Mr. Philips writing and the fascinating storyline. Jack Gregory, a former CIA agent gone rogue, dies during a fight against six knife-wielding men. But on his way to the afterlife, he is met by a demon offering him a second chance at life if he agrees to become his human host. Without other options, Jack agrees. But will this deal truly cost him?

Mr. Phillips language is beautifully-carved and efficient. The story is fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Great details make the reader feel like he’s there in the middle of the action with Jack, Nolan and the other characters. This is the first book I’ve read from Mr. Phillips but definitely will not be the last one.

Jack becomes involved in a fight with Vladimir Roskov, a powerful Russia Mafia lord. The CIA is also on his tail, determined to eliminate him. Now how will Jack accomplish his mission and at the same time survive the CIA’s hit team?


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