Weekly Intelligence Briefing

Last week was quite productive, with almost 5,000 words added to SHADOW AGENTS. My proofreaders have started to work on the first part of the manuscript and I’m discussing the concept of the covert art with my designer. It’s all very exciting. And in the book, Justin and Carrie are in Tel Aviv, Israel, discussing their strategies and plans with Mossad agents.

EthanJones_RogueAgents_Amazon1400Have you had a chance to read my latest thriller, ROGUE AGENTS? If yes, please let me know how you liked it, and also please post a review at the retailer where you bought it. Your opinions are very important in informing other readers why they should also check out this book. And if you haven’t read it yet, ROGUE AGENTS is available on all major book retailers: iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and GooglePlay.

EthanJones_TripolisTarget_800I’m preparing for a major promo of TRIPOLI’S TARGET near the end of September. If you have enjoyed this second thriller in the Justin Hall series, please take a few moments and leave a review today on Amazon and/or other retailers. The more reviews a book has, the greater the likelihood of new readers willing to give it a try. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you’re not on my Fans Mailing List, you’re missing out on a host of exclusive news about my next book in this series or maybe another series, advance readers copies and much more. Go to this link to join now.

At the end, THANK YOU for buying my books, writing reviews about them and telling your friends. My personal e-mail account is authorethan@yahoo.com, if you’d like to share your thoughts about my books. I promise to answer every one of you.


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