The Night Heron by Adam Brookes

The Night HeronThe Night Heron is an intriguing debut.

It starts with a labor camp scene, when prisoner 5995 is readying for his escape. Peanut, as they called prisoner 5995, is successful in his attempt. And Peanut is not a common political prisoner. A former spy for the MI6, with the code name Night heron, he reaches to the British Embassy in Beijing with an offer of secrets in exchange for help.

Mr. Brooks writing is very detailed. He uses a smooth flowery language that is a notch or two above the average for thrillers in this genre. The novel is a game of smoke and mirrors, with plenty of twists but without the explosive actions found in most spy stories. And the story moves forward at somewhat slow pace at times, the author taking his time to get to the main points of the story.

What are Peanut’s secrets? What is their value and who else is interested in getting their hands on them?


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