The Director by David Ignatius

the-director-largeThe Director is an excellent spy thriller.

The prologue introduces us to Graham Weber, the future director of the CIA, and to James Morris, a world renowned hacker and a CIA senior official. Then the story moves fast to Weber taking the reins of the CIA and then something goes wrong. A hacker has obtained a list of CIA’s officers in Germany and Switzerland and offers it to the US Consulate in Hamburg, Germany in exchange for protection as his life is in danger. And the hacker claims there are much greater secrets that he is aware of.

Ms. Ignatius’s language is smooth and to the point. The flow of events is realistic and so are the actions of the characters. The dialogue is engaging and makes the readers feel every part of the story and of the plot. And there are many twists and turns to keep many readers well-satisfied.

The hacker ends up dead with a bullet in the head and another one in the chest. It’s now up to the CIA and Morris to figure out who is the new enemy and what is “the worst nightmare” they can give the US. But how will Morris do it? What will he have to do to get to the truth?


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