5 Questions with Barbara Rogan

DangerousFictionHC_jacket3My guest today is Barbara Rogan, author of the fantastic thriller A DANGEROUS FICTION, which comes out on paperback on July 29. Please scroll down to enjoy the interview. And all who leave a comment will be enter a draw to win one of two paperback copies of A DANGEROUS FICTION.

1.            Ms. Rogan, thanks for coming again to my blog. Your latest work, A DANGEROUS FICTION, is coming out on paperback on July 29. How was the reception for this murder mystery?

Thanks so much for having me back, Ethan. The reaction was very gratifying. The New York Post called it a “Must Read,” and NPR station WSHU gave it a rave review. There were a lot of online reviews as well, from bloggers and websites but also from individual readers. What was different this time around was the ability to interact directly with readers through Twitter, Facebook, and my blog, In Cold Ink.

2.            What’s one of the most interesting fan mails/e-mails you have received about this book?

That wasn’t a letter but a series of tweets by literary agent Janet Reid. Janet’s not my agent and we don’t know each other outside of Twitter, but she picked the book up because it featured a literary agent. As she read, she tweeted her reactions, which were everything a writer could hope for. At one point she said she was reading under the covers, too scared to get out of bed. I loved that, especially coming from a working agent.

3.            What’s one of your favorite aspects about writing A DANGEROUS FICTION?

There are really two aspects. The first is setting. I loved having the opportunity to go back into the world of big publishing, the whole New York scene. It’s a world I knew and loved during the years that I spent as a literary agent; and it made a terrific setting because it requires clever, witty characters who love to talk and do it well. The second was the character of Jo Donovan herself. She is the most complicated protagonist I’ve ever created, and the only one whose story I’ve told in first person. She has an aptitude for fiction, not only in her professional life, but in her personal life as well, and that makes her interesting to write.

4.            If you could go back and do one thing different in this book, what would that be?

Not a whole lot. I’m pretty happy with the way the book came out. Of course, I didn’t know that A Dangerous Fiction would be the first of a series when I decided that Jo was born in Appalachia. Had I been thinking in terms of a sequel, maybe I’d have made it Tahiti, thus ensuring a necessary (and tax-deductible) research trip.

5.            What is your next book going to be about?

It’s the second Jo Donovan mystery. This one centers around two of my favorite characters from A Dangerous Fiction: Mingus, the retired SWAT team German shepherd, and his owner/trainer, Gordon Hayes, both of whom get into terrible trouble when Mingus kills a man.



One thought on “5 Questions with Barbara Rogan

  1. Ellis Shuman says:

    I see last year there was an article here = “10 Questions with Barbara Rogan”. This year, only 5 questions. I have only 1 question of my own to post to Barbara – how do you it?!?

    Congratulations on publishing this novel, which I am anxious to read. (I must confess – I have only read one book so far by Barbara Rogan, but this one really interests me).


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