Weekly Intelligence Briefing

EthanJones_RogueAgents_Amazon1400The World Cup is taking a lot of my time as I’m trying to watch as many matches as I can. They’re all fantastic, and it’s great to see so many players from so many nations battle for the greatest trophy in football (soccer).

I’ve still found some time to work on editing ROGUE AGENTS. I’ve incorporated a lot of comments from my three beta readers and now my proofreader is working on it. I should have the final version sometime this week, and then I’ll give it another polish, with hopes of uploading it to Amazon on June 30, for fans to enjoy it on July 1. While waiting for this novel, enjoy the special preview: the first 50 pages of ROGUE AGENTS on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. And you can also enter to win an electronic copy of this spy thriller from LibraryThing and/or a paperback copy from GoodReads.

Last week, I also started work on the sixth spy novel in the Justin Hall series. It’s titled SHADOW AGENTS and follows the story where ROGUE AGENTS ended. Justin is operating in Germany as a series of explosive events threaten to throw the entire Middle East in a new violent crisis. SHADOW AGENTS will have a great cast of Mossad agents and some characters from previous novels in the series will return for a special appearance. It’s quite early to announce the release date, but I’m aiming for some time in late November or early December 2014.

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Finally, thank you very much for your continuous support. Your book reviews and word of mouth help so much, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Please keep sharing this post and other links about my books on your social media and elsewhere.

Ethan Jones


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