10 Questions with Denver Acey

The-Quantum-Breach-Cover-Art-200x300My guest today is Denver Acey, author of QUANTUM BREACH, a thriller that came out on June 8. Please scroll down to enjoy his interview.

1.         Mr. Acey, thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed for my blog. QUANTUM BREACH, your newest novel, came out on June 8. Tell us a bit more about this book.

This book centers around a character named Tanner Zane. He spent years as a computer hacker, but left the game when his grandmother got scammed by other hackers. Tanner is now a 30-year-old and trying to clean up his life. He is planning a vacation with his parents when he is surprisingly kidnapped by mysterious men. Tanner then learns that the men are forcing him back into computer hacking.

2.         Who is Tanner Zane and how did you come up with his character?

I like to think of Tanner as an average person with a mysterious and hidden background. He did a lot of illegal stuff in his past, but he is committed to living a law-abiding life. When writing the book, I wanted Tanner to be someone who was physically unassuming. I wanted a protagonist who used his brain instead of brawn to get out of tricky situations.

3.         How is QUANTUM BREACH different from other techno-thrillers?

Having worked in the IT field for my entire life, I bring realistic facts to my writing. All the hacking scenarios I mention, from social engineering to SQL injections, are legitimate tools that hackers use.

4.         What is your greatest disappointment as a writer? What is your greatest satisfaction?

I wished I had unlimited time to make my book perfect. As an author, I wanted to fix everything part about my book that I didn’t like, but that’s not realistic. What I like most about my book is the true-life examples on how computer hackers do their dirty work. Anyone who reads my book will have a better understanding on how to protect themselves online.

5.         Why do you write?

I started out writing to fill my evenings when I was traveling M-F on work. I was away from home and bored in my hotel room. I also wanted to create a story that had real-life hacking situations so people could understand how vulnerable we all are to cyber-crime.

6.         What are your thoughts on the latest publishing industry developments, mainly the rise of the self-publishing?

I think that self-publishing is changing the industry. In much the same way that Youtube allows people to broadcast their talents, self-publishing helps unknown authors get their books noticed.

7.         What are your favorite pastimes?

I like to spend a lot of time outdoors. I enjoy hiking, biking, and swimming. I also like golfing a lot, but I’m not very good at it.

8.         Had your writing not worked out, what would you have wanted to do?

Actually, writing is my second job. I spend my days working as a computer security professional. That’s the real job that keeps the food on the table 🙂

9.         What are your writing habits? Outlines or not?

I like to keep a notebook with me and jot down different plot elements as they come to mind. I do this at the beginning of the process to help provide direction for my plot. Then, as I write, I fill in all the smaller details.

10.         What is your next book going to be about?

I’ve already written a sequel to The Quantum Breach. The squeal is self-published and called The Utah Code Breaker. The story follows Tanner’s journey as he accepts a top-secret job with the government.


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