ROGUE AGENTS is complete


Thank God, ROGUE AGENTS, stands complete at about 82,000 words. The newest thriller in the Justin Hall series will come out on July 1, 2014.

Have you enjoyed the special preview yet? You can download and read the first 50 pages of ROGUE AGENTS from Amazon by clicking here, or from Kobo by clicking here. The link for Barnes & Noble is here.

Please check it out and write a review about it. If you post your review on Amazon or other retailers before July 1 and you let me know about it, I will send you the final retail copy of ROGUE AGENTS free of charge, as a token of appreciation for your wonderful support.


3 thoughts on “ROGUE AGENTS is complete

  1. Stephanie Wolf says:

    Hello Ethan!

    I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!

    I downloaded the preview and read and reviewed it for you.  I’ve posted the review on B&N, Amazon, my book blog ( which also posts to Google+) and Goodreads (which also posts to my Facebook profile).

    Looking forward to the entire story!

    Just as a side note, I need to update my email address for these emails.  Is there a way I can change it, or do I need to unsubscribe from this and resubscribe with my preferred email?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Stephanie Wolf

      Stephanie E. Wolf


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