The Target by David Baldacci

The TargetThe Target is a winner by the master of thrillers.

It has a powerful opening that draws the reader in from the first chapter. A convict on death row in Alabama receives a visit from two men in dark suits, hinting at his release so he could kill again. Then, Will Robbie is summoned to Langley. And we are still in the second chapter, only twenty-three pages into the book.

Mr. Baldacci is truly the master of thrillers. Many authors become dull and repetitive after a long career in writing. Mr. Baldacci is one of the few exceptions. His writing is simple, but fresh, straightforward yet effective. The dialogue, the descriptions, the pace, it is like you are there, in the shoes of the characters, experiencing the action and everything else happening around you.

Robbie and Jessica Reel are getting ready for a deadly mission, something that even the President of the United States is hesitant to put in motion. What is Robbie and Reel’s mission? What is the target? And what consequences will this intricate plan have on the United States?


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